Monday, July 28, 2008

Instinct vs iPhone

The folks at Sprint, desparate to compete against AT&T, are touting the benefits of Samsung's Instinct phone. Their new marketing campaign "Insticnt More for Less. iPhone Less for More" is not very original but sums their stance of why the Instinct is better than the iPhone.

To wit, they've created a pretty slick web page with compelling flash videos comparing the two devices.

In the Instinct, Sprint has a device that is equivilent to the iPhone when it comes to web surfing and costs less (both for the hardware and monthly fees), but the iPhone has advantages that Sprint can only dream about.

By deploying a semi-open device Apple has attracted a worldwide community of developers who are free to invent whatever their minds conceive. They can then distribute their creations through the iTunes App Store. Sure, the Instinct has certain out-of-the-box apps like shoot-and-send video, voice-guided GPS navigation, and exclusive content from NASCAR and the NFL which the iPhone certainly doesn]t have, but for how long?

Putting aside the proprietary content, these applications most certainly exist for jail broken iPhones, and it's only a matter of time that they become legit.

The other area in which Apple has an advantage is that its device is an iPod. Having an iPod dressed up as a phone makes iPhone owners part of the larger universe of iTunes users.

It's like the corner store going up against Wall Mart. Sure they both sell detergent, but guess who's going to sell more? Putting it another way if given the chance would you want to drive a Porche or a Honda? They both have four wheels and will get you from point A to point B, but you'll look better in the Cayman. Same thing with the iPhone.

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