Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ChaCha says Obama is a Muslim

Is Obama a Muslim? The folks at Cha Cha certainly thing so. That's the question I SMS'd to the human powered search engine.

Here's the answer I received (and the web page it pointed me to): "He is a muslim, but he tries to conceal it. Thanks for using ChaCha!"

Let's ignore all the political implications contained with in the response and concentrate just on the technical/business aspects. This exchange demonstrates clearly the inherent flaws in ChaCha's model. Human powered searching is not only unscalable but brings with it the inherent biases that humans have.

This is what happens when information is received from the unwashed masses. They don't filter the Internet for erroneous information. They contribute to it.

BTW Sabrina M.'s profile says that she's a student at Minnesota State University Mankato. I think she should stick to shopping and watching movies. This search thing seems too complicated for her.


Anonymous said...

I like to think that Samantha (Have I forgotten her name in the time it took the comment page to load?) The Cha Cha guide in this instance, was merely reacting to a stupid question with a stupid answer.

jan said...

What's the information equivalent of "caveat emptor"?

We need something similar for warning not to believe stuff just because it is said / written / etc.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a pretty accurate answer to me.

Cameron Mulder said...

i love chacha, and am interested what the source site was for this answer.

nownow might be better in that you get multiple answers and can rate the answers.

Anonymous said...

A lot of my muslim friends say they are atheists to avoid confrontation.

Wikipedia sidebar states Muslim as Obama's religion.

ChaCha just relays data, not information.