Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Big Whopper Flameout

It started with so much promise and ended with a flame-out.

Burger King had a cool idea in its new Whopper Sacrifice campaign: a) install an application on your Facebook page b) sacrifice/remove 10 of your friends from your social graph c) get a coupon for a free whopper.

The strategy shows that Burger King (or at least its ad agency) totally gets Web 2.0. In fact I would even call the execution brilliant. The notion of deciding which “friends” to eliminate turns the whole social networking idea on its head. Even better as you sacrifice “friends” Facebook’s newsfeed lets the world know which victims don’t make the cut.

And then the big let down. First to claim the coupon Burger King makes you fill out a form that asks for everything but your first born’s left foot. Name, Cell Number, E-mail address, Postal Address, Gender. Come on guys isn’t the fact that you have access to my Facebook profile enough?

But here’s the real kicker. After all that work BK tells me that my coupon will be delivered in two to four weeks. WTF?!

How could people who came up with this great idea be such morons?

Users of online media want immediate gratification ie. a coupon on the web screen, via e-mail or on SMS. Telling me that a coupon will come in a month is outrageous and ridiculous.

The Whopper may be flame broiled but someone’s brain at BK is fried.