Monday, June 9, 2008

iPhone for $199 on July 11

The new iPhone 3G will sell for $199. 

The 8MB version will be in Black and the 16B in Silver

$199 all around the world. Will be available on July 11. 

It's a small world afterall

iPhone is available in 70 countries. They showed a map with "It's a small world afterall"

Crowd cheers when their country goes red. 

GPS Announced

Jobs announces GPS support for the iPhone 3G

Head 2 Head Test

The head 2 head test shows 3G downloads in 21 seconds and Edge took 59 seconds. Shows that 3G is 2.8x faster. WiFi takes 17 sec

Compared against Nokia and the Treo ("Full page on iPhone. Something considerably less.")

Jobs is now showing e-mail attachments 3G version takes 5 sec and 18 sec on iPhone. WiFi is 3 sec. 

iPhone 3G is ANNOUNCED

3G iPhone is announced!

Plastic back
Flush headphone jack
Improved audio
Better Camera

Next challenges

Jobs is laying out what the next challenges are:

Enterprise Support
Third Party Application
Being able to sell in more countries. 
Making it more affordable (56% say its expensive

iPhone's First Birthday

Jobs says this is personal to him. Shows pictures from New York launch

"This is the phone that have changed phones forever."

90% customer satisfaction
98% are browsing
94% are e-mailing

6 million iPhones have been sold. 


Phil Schiller is demonstrating MobileMe ( but the site is still redirecting to 

This doesn't seem like it was supposed to happen like this. 

BTW it's not free (well it will be for 60 days) $99/year

.mac is being replaced by MobileMe.

20 GB of space.


Phil Schiller is speaking about MobileMe. It is push e-mail, contacts, and calendar without Exchange Server. 

The information is stored in the cloud. The mobileme account stands in the middle and pushes/pulls from/to devices.

New e-mail and calendar product that competes with other e-mail/calendaring information

There is a gallery section that syncs with iPhone's pictures.

This new product combines and integrates several existing products. 

Entire thing looks like a native PC/Mac based application. 

iPhone 2.0 Not till July

The new software will not be available until early July. 

This includes the App 

Developers sets price
70% of rev
No credit card or hosting
Fairplay DRM
If you want to give it away for free you can do it without any charge for appl

If it is 10MB<  then you can doanload on cellular, WiFi or iTunes. If over 10 MB then only WiFi or iTunes.

Enterprise can distribute apps only for their enterprise that will only run on those phones. 

Adhoc distibution. Expand the developer certification programs can be distributed on upto 100 iPhone. 

Jobs is Back

Says that Search on Contacts, iWork Documents, and now supports all MS Word documents.

Bulk delete and move, saving picture attachments, teenage controls, scientific calculator. Language support. Asian language. You can draw character on the iPhone and have it be recognized. 


One aspect that was not in the SDK was the ability to have an IM message come up when the application is not running. 

Apple says the wrong method is to run in background because battery drains and because it takes up CPU resources. 

Apple Push Notification Service establish one persistent service

Custom Alert Sound (the AOL sound)
Custom textual alerts (like SMS) with buttons to automatically launch applications

The Service will be available in September but Apple will start seeding developers. 

Apple Stock Price

The crowd here is loving the demos but Wall Street isn't happy. Apple's stock price has dropped during the keynote.  This may be due to the NASDAQ being down by 37 points

Demos -- Digital Legends Entertainment

Developer from Barcelona started only 2 weeks. Believe that the iPhone is a gaming device. Believes that the iPhone App store is the only method of bringing games directly to the market. 

When will the App Store be live

A lot of the demonstrators are saying that their apps will be available when the App store launches "weeks from now" This seem to indicate that the store won't be available today. We'll have to see....

Demos -- Modality

Dr. S., Mark Williams. Med school students use flash cards to learn the body parts. This publisher as digitized anatomical pictures and linked it to Quiz. I don't know if I want students to learn while they're waiting for their latte.

Demos --

Jeremy Schoenherr shows MLB @ Bat. Shows live baseball game coverage. Realtime video highlights. The iPhone's video picture quality is really sharp and the baseball games look great.

It's going to be in the App Store. (They didn't say free so I imagine that it will cost something). 

Demos -- Solo Developer

This developer  is a solo guy in the insurance industry. He's created a bunch of virtual instruments. This stuff is really fun. They've done a really good job. The crowd really loves it. 

Demos -- Pangea

Brian Greenstone shows games that have been ported from OS X to the iPhone. Shows game, iNigmo that requires intensive CPU usage. Looks great. 

The game will be available for $9.99 

These games are really going to take a bite out of Nintendo. 

Demos -- Associated Press

Building native application for the iPhone. Benjamin Morse is demonstrating "The Mobile News Network" The location API allows local news content to be brought up automatically. The stories are cached. Photos can be seen and video from the news network can be watched. 

If there is breaking news, users can send pictures and news stories directly from their iPhone. 

The mobile news network will be available at launch for free. 

Demos -- Typepad

Michael Sippey is showing TypePad. Photoblogging is one of their most popular features. You can create a post or take a photo for a blog. Previously taken pictures can also be posted to blogs. (Right now I am only able to transfer pictures to my blog by mailing it to PhotoBucket). This is much more integrated. 

The blog is actually seen on the Safari. 

Will be free on the Apple iStore.

Demos -- Loopt

Sam Altman will demo Loopt for the iPhone. Using Loopt you can see where your friends are on a map in real time. It's being shown on Google maps. By tapping a user the person's detail comes up and you're shown a journal of all of their travels which are tagged with geo-location. 

Loopt will be free on the iPhone at launch. 

Demos -- Ebay

Ken Sun from Ebay shows auctions on the iPhone. They started developing 5 weeks ago. 

Can search for an item, get details, and included WebKit so that it incorporates seller's HTML information. 

Have incorporated film strip viewer so that the photos look as they're supposed to on the iPhone. 

Demos -- Sega Super Monkey Ball

Companies are now going to demonstrate the work they've done with SDK.

Ethan Einhorn will display Super Monkey Ball on iPhone. This was shown in March. 

110 stages with all 4 monkeys. The tilt control allows for acceleration and deceleration. The game will be distributed through the app store. The game will be available at launch of the app store for $9.99

Canned Praise

The VP is reading out testimonials from developers (like Disney and InfoWorld) 

I wonder would they ever read something that wasn't praiseworthy.

There are lots of digs at RIM. Afterall that is the company that Apple is going after on the business side and consumer side.

Interface Builder Demo

The Apple VP is showing the Interface builder. The tool as pre-formated function controls and layout controls so that it is WYSIWYG.

Loaded up into simulator. 

The VP has now built an application that allows you to see which of your contacts are nearby. 

iPhone SDK

The SDK is being shown by an Apple VP.  (he's also dressed in black)

Opening up native API that Apple uses.

The APIs are shared with OS X. The same kernal is shared. The same source code is shared. 

Core services layer with SQLite, Location based services are powered through this. 

Media OpenGL ES for 3D graphics

Cocoa Touch. Object oriented framework. 

There are also tools available

XCode to write and debug

Interface builder to design interface

iPhone Simulator to run and debug on the make

Instruments, performance tools to measure and optimize applications. 

The VP will now demo the tools. 

He's going to construct an interface using the the interface builder. 

He's using the built in address and core location api and filter between all contacts and those who are within 10 miles. 

Steve Jobs Live

It's my first time seeing Jobs live. My impressions are that he looks and sounds older than I imagined him to be. He is very casually dressed in the classic black turtleneck and jeans with sneakers. But he seems really revved up. 

iPhone 2.0

New software and there is a developer program. 95 days ago it was announced. They have 250,000 developers download. 25,000 have asked to be in the paid program. 4,000 were admitted. 

2.0 has 3 parts. a) Enterprise, b) SDK and c) New features. 

The 2.0 software has enterprise support. Push e-mail, contacts, remote wiping, directory look-up. Secure VPM built in from Cisco. 

They have had beta program with 35% of Fortune 500 (Top 5 banks, Top 5 Securities firms, 6/7 of airlines). 

Jobs is now showing a video of enterprise customers who have used Exchange on iPhone. Sonnenschine, Disney, Genentech etc etc.

It's started

Steve Jobs has started speaking. He says that they are sold out with more than 5,200 engineers attending. 

There are three parts to apple: 1) Mac 2) Music and 3) iPhone

The focus this morning is going to be on the iPhone. 

Phil Schiller is going to speak on iPhone.

New version of OS X called snow leapard

In the House

I've just been seated in the Jobs Keynote. I've managed to push myself through the crowd of thousands so that I'm in the front of the room five rows in. An excellent spot for pictures. I hope that the iPhone camera performs. The loud speakers are playing Jerry Lee Lewis -- Great Balls of Fire. It's a carnival atmosphere. 

Waiting for Mr. Jobs

I'm at the Apple WWDC conference in San Francisco. The conference is taking place at the Moscone Center West. When I walked in this morning we were herded to a waiting area where they served some pastries and Odwallah. Then they let us upstairs 100 people at a time. We're now waiting outside the hall to be let in. The event was supposed to start at 10 am but I don't see how it will given the huge crowd that's been assembled.