Monday, June 9, 2008

iPhone SDK

The SDK is being shown by an Apple VP.  (he's also dressed in black)

Opening up native API that Apple uses.

The APIs are shared with OS X. The same kernal is shared. The same source code is shared. 

Core services layer with SQLite, Location based services are powered through this. 

Media OpenGL ES for 3D graphics

Cocoa Touch. Object oriented framework. 

There are also tools available

XCode to write and debug

Interface builder to design interface

iPhone Simulator to run and debug on the make

Instruments, performance tools to measure and optimize applications. 

The VP will now demo the tools. 

He's going to construct an interface using the the interface builder. 

He's using the built in address and core location api and filter between all contacts and those who are within 10 miles. 

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