Monday, June 9, 2008

iPhone 2.0

New software and there is a developer program. 95 days ago it was announced. They have 250,000 developers download. 25,000 have asked to be in the paid program. 4,000 were admitted. 

2.0 has 3 parts. a) Enterprise, b) SDK and c) New features. 

The 2.0 software has enterprise support. Push e-mail, contacts, remote wiping, directory look-up. Secure VPM built in from Cisco. 

They have had beta program with 35% of Fortune 500 (Top 5 banks, Top 5 Securities firms, 6/7 of airlines). 

Jobs is now showing a video of enterprise customers who have used Exchange on iPhone. Sonnenschine, Disney, Genentech etc etc.

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